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Masterflex Cargobike Hydrogen Vehicle Puts Pedal to Metal

Masterflex AG has come out with their new hydrogen Cargobike, which will be in stores sometime this year. The Masterflex Cargobike is a three-wheel hydrogen fuel cell and lithium ion battery assisted tricycle that can also be propelled with pedal power while generating zero emissions.

Like the name implies, the Cargobike is meant for hauling light items within city traffic and industrial settings. Masterflex sees many uses for this hydrogen bike for postal workers, airport deliveries and industrial uses and is already being sold to industrial customers.

The Masterflex Cargobike uses a 250-watt fuel cell system and was built with safety in mind. The hydrogen tanks uses a low-pressure “Lopes” system keeping the hydrogen gas the same pressure as ambient air so that no leakage will occur. The lithium-ion batteries by Li-Tec are also designed with intrinsic battery cell safety.

In addition, 40 Masterflex Cargobikes are slated to be sent to four regions of Europe as part of the HyChain–MINITRANS project. According to Masterflex, in just one year since the prototype was unveiled in 2006, the Cargobike is now ready for production.

The Cargobike is not the only hydrogen-powered bicycle by this German manufacturer. In November 2005, Masterflex received its first order for its BZ-Pedelec hydrogen and electric powered bike. The Masterflex BZ-Pedelec stores 45 grams of hydrogen in a small metal hydride tank and has a range of up to 75 miles.

So, you no longer have to settle for your lame leg-powered, struggle to get up the hill bicycle. Instead, you can put the pedal to the metal and check out these new hydrogen-powered bikes today and be the first in your neighborhood or company to be riding one.

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