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India’s Hy-Alfa Hydrogen Vehicle Unveiled

Hy-AlfaA little earlier this summer India delivered the world’s cheapest auto, the Tata Nano to its first customer. Tata also announced they are working on a hydrogen version of the same vehicle.

And this week, the Indian Oil Corporation announced they have set up a fueling station with a hydrogen and compressed natural gas in Dwarka in Delhi. The blend will use 18-percent hydrogen and 82-percent natural gas and can run in CNG powered vehicles, of which India has many, without modification.

But, perhaps the biggest news coming out of the world’s largest democracy is that Indian company Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd (M&M) has showcased the Hy-Alfa three-wheel hydrogen at the World Hydrogen Technologies Convention 2009 held in New Delhi.

The Hy-Alfa offers a 3-seat version and a autogo version of the vehicle. The Hy-Alfa also uses an internal combustion engine instead of fuel cell to supply power to the wheels. Up to 15 Hy-Alfa vehicles are expected to be produced for this demo project.

The M&M Hy-Alfa is not a speed burner though with a top speed of around 42 mph, but it will also work in -30 degrees Celsius temperatures and will achieve around 45 mpg equivalent. Researchers from the Sonalika Group and Banaras Hindu University have worked 7 years bringing the Hy-Alfa to the point of it now being on public display.

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