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Hydrogen Scooters for Urban Commuters

I don’t want a pickle. I just want to ride on my hydrogen motorcycle (with apologies to singer Arlo Guthrie). Well, last month I reported on Intelligent Energy’s ENV hydrogen motorcycle and since then I’ve become aware of several other hydrogen motorcycles and motor scooters that also need a mention.

Aprilia, has unveiled a 3,000-watt fuel cell motor scooter at the International Paris Fair that they say is ideal for urban use. Honda has also developed a fuel cell motor scooter based upon a 125cc scooter that is popular with commuters. German company Aqwon has developed a hydrogen ICE 2-stroke motor scooter that can reach speeds of 30 mph. The University of Tasmania and the Technical University of Nurenburg in Germany, in a collaborative effort, have created a fuel cell scooter. Samsung Engineering has created a motor scooter with a range of 84 miles that runs on a water-based solution of sodium borohydride that produces hydrogen gas for fuel. Piaggio and ECN teamed up to build the Piaggio X9 hydrogen scooter that can travel reach 42 mph with a range of 72 miles.

I would say that all of these hydrogen scooters have created quite a buzz, but I won’t since most are also very, very quiet as well.

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