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Hydrogen Microautos, Scooters and Bikes Oh My!

In the Wizard of Oz it was lions and tigers and bears, Oh My! And now hydrogen delayers and deniers may be saying the same thing about hydrogen microautos, scooters and bicycles.

On one continent (not North America) a company called APFCT has won a contract to produce a fleet of hydrogen fuel cell microautos and scooters for the Taiwanese government. The 10 hydrogen fuel cell microautos will begin production September 2010 for delivery in early 2011.

According to , “In this program, each micro auto is expected to be equipped with a 48V fuel cell battery hybrid power system that has nominal power output of 3kW and maximum power output of 5kW. The hydrogen supply for the autos will use low-pressure metal hydride base canisters that are specially developed by APFCT for light electric fuel cell vehicles.

“Late last year, APFCT also won a contract for a 10-unit fleet demonstration of ZES 4.6 fuel cell scooters under the same government program. Production of the 10 scooters was completed in July 2010 and is now conducting the demonstration riding and data collection.”

On another continent (not North America), a hydrogen powered bike called hi Fambeni or “Let’s go” has been unveiled in . The hydrogen bike was created by the students of the Tshwane University of Technology in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology and Hydrogen South Africa.

The timing of the unveiling is a little unfortunate as right before the World Cup in South Africa would have gotten more international attention. But, better late than never and it’s good to see that smaller countries with less money (compared to the U. S.) are getting into the hydrogen vehicle marketplace.

Eventually the U. S. government executive branch may get it into their heads that this nation needs to be a leader and not a follower in the world market of hydrogen fueled vehicles. With more and more nations seeing the light in regard to this clean energy technology eventually the U. S. will pull the metaphorical fire alarm and say “We need to get this done yesterday!”

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Hydro Kevin Kantola
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    How great is this. So Gas goes up down up down. How can you budget fuel folks. I know we can pay or we are paying but come on this is and has been ridiculous for family’s and one big reason we are living with less money.
    We have other fuels and guess what America we must do Hydrogen as an Alt. WE need so many fuels.
    So Yoyo’s are games our lives is not.
    So NG, Battery, Hydo food price up gas up salaries if you have a job down. We need to provide a new America called sensible math.

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