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Hydrogen Buses Busting through the Gas Ceiling

Well, first there was the “glass ceiling” comprised of men in top-level management positions keeping qualified women from busting through, but when we talk about energy for the transportation industry, there instead is a “gas ceiling” that is keeping other types of alternative energy sources from busting through.

Like other types of hydrogen vehicles that are currently being developed, hydrogen buses are helping to break through this gas ceiling. One such hydrogen bus has rolled out in Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. The bus cost between $1 – $2 million and was developed by the Hydrogenics Corporation out of California. Hydrogenics has also developed a HyStat-A Energy Station for fueling large hydrogen vehicles and a HomeFueler station for refueling smaller vehicles such as hydrogen autos in the privacy of one’s own garage.

And, then there is AC Transit who has rolled out three hydrogen buses in Oakland, California. These hydrogen fuel cell hybrid buses are part of a $21 million pilot program that also includes five hydrogen autos as well.

Sunline Transit operates a hydrogen fuel cell hybrid bus in Thousand Palms, California. In addition, Sunline also owns a fully functional hydrogen fueling station that is open to the public, which dispenses H2 at either 3,600 psi or 5,000 psi, though a trained technician is required to do the dispensing at this point (full service is making a comeback).

So, even though it seems that people are focused on hydrogen autos now days, hydrogen buses are doing their part to bust through the gas ceiling and bring bluer skies for all tomorrow.

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