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Fuel Cell Golf Carts for South Africa

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about South Africa and their intentions on using their vast platinum supplies inside of fuel cells. But, back in 2010 the intention was to use that platinum inside of stationary fuel cells and today South Africa has modified their position to include light duty vehicles as well.

According to , “Commercial partner Melex Electrovehicles aimed to target the commercial light vehicle market, including the increasingly popular ‘tuk-tuk’ commuter service, said director Stuart Elliot …

“ … For the light commercial market, ‘couriers, meat and vegetable deliveries, we needed more range on our vehicles and that’s why we started working with UWC’, Mr Elliot said, adding that his company had been selling golf autots to sub-Saharan Africa for 16 years. These vehicles were mainly used on university campuses, in small towns and at large holiday resorts.”

The current South African golf autots in use can travel around 50 km per day. But, by adding a fuel cell system, and depending upon the size of the hydrogen tanks, the range is extended to between 100 km – 150 km.

In addition, because of the longer range, a vast refueling infrastructure doesn’t have to be built. The fuel cell autots can go home and refuel overnight and be in service bright and early the next day.


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