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Chengli Hung’s Fuel Cell Scooter Concept

Chengli Hung ScooterShe-bangs, She-bangs, Oh baby, when she moves, she moves. Okay, sorry, that is William Hung from American Idol and not Chengli Hung. Chengli Hung may not have the artistry (questionable at best) to sing and dance like William but what he does have is the artistic and mechanical ability to put forth an interesting hydrogen fuel cell scooter concept.

As one can see by the picture this scooter is not like many others in its class. Besides having the fuel cell and controller integrated on the bottom underneath the enlarged floorboard, just above this is an expanded storage area as well. The scooter is meant for in city driving and will most likely appeal to the younger population who want to get from point A to B without the hassle of a auto.

Now, security with this fuel cell vehicle is paramount since the scooter may be left for hours without anyone attending it. So, this is why Chengli Hung decided to make the fuel cell and controller removable, so that a person could take it with them into the coffee house or at work if needed.

The luggage compartment in the back is big enough to contain two large helmets and integrated into the handles are screens that deliver images from fisheye cameras mounted in the rear and on the sides for optimal visibility. And, the best part is, since this is a fuel cell vehicle, this don’t bang, she don’t bang like an internal combustion engine scooter does.

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