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Where Are All of the Hydrogen Trucks?

In the past I’ve written quite a bit about all different sizes and shapes of prototype hydrogen fuel cell and ICE (internal combustion engine) trucks. Since I haven’t talked about this recently I’m thinking now would be a good time to revisit this subject.

Before their bankruptcy a couple of years back, Vision Industries produced their Tyrano fuel cell class 8 truck (pictured below) for use at ports in Los Angeles and Houston.

Before that, Ford was producing prototype hydrogen pickup trucks for a few years featuring their SuperChief tri-fuel pickup with ICE (pictured at top) and their Series Edge SUV with HySeries Drive, a plug-in hybrid FCEV.

Some of the other hydrogen truck players I’ve talked about in the past include Tata Motors, Fed Ex, UPS, Smith EV, Chevy, Heliocentris, EcoMotion, the U. S. Military, Hydrogen Power, Inc., more.

So, then what is new?

According to, “…on the low-pressure, non-humidified stack technology Hydrogenics has been developing for the past 15 years and used in its other systems, Celerity is an all-inclusive hydrogen fuel-cell system designed for the medium- and heavy-duty truck and bus markets.”

Not only this, but in The Netherlands Cure Waste Management is using a hydrogen extended hybrid waste collection vehicle for paper collection in the region.

Green Car Reports stated late last year that a Chevy Colorado Fuel Cell truck is being tested by the U. S. Military.

So, while there is not a lot of action in the hydrogen truck marketplace right now there still is some action. And with Toyota already having rolled out its commercial Mirai and Honda to follow with its Clarity later this year Hyundai having also rolled out its Tucson Fuel Cell CUV, I’m hopeful that a commercial FCEV pickup truck other commercial FCEV trucks won’t be too far into the future.




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