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Hydrogen Trucks and Utility Vehicles Get Boost

In the last 3 blog posts I’ve talked about hydrogen forklifts and hydrogen fuel cell range extenders for all-electric vehicles. In this post I would like to talk about hydrogen trucks and utility vehicles including those with fuel cell range extenders.

I’ve talked about hydrogen trucks before. And in the same vein I’ve talked about the Smith Newton 7.5 to 12.0 ton all-electric truck getting a hydrogen fuel cell range extender as a test to check out performance and see if this combination will be commercialized. The early results look encouraging.

Toro, a name you may recognize as the builder of lawn vehicles and equipment, is another manufacturer that I’ve spoken about in the past. Toro is teaming up with ATK, an aerospace and defense company, to build 2 hydrogen fuel cell utility vehicles for the Navy. The kicker on these vehicles is that they will be using a solid hydrogen storage system for fuel.

And in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, a hydrogen vehicle refueling and loading station is being launched. This station will supply compressed hydrogen gas to 7 H2 trucks. The Smart Fuel Solutions system will refuel 4 SRC trucks and 3 SaskEnergy trucks that have been converted to run on hydrogen.

So, while the hydrogen auto market moves slowly but surely forward, other markets such as hydrogen forklifts, trucks and utility vehicles are charging ahead at a much faster pace.

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