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Taiwan APFCT Fuel Cell Scooter Is Commercial Ready

A little over a year ago I had given an update to the progress of the APFCT hydrogen fuel cell scooter. The scooter was being trialed around Taiwan with various road trips and tested by the government to see if it could pass the safety standards giving them the right to commercialize their vehicles. And, now they have.

Here is an update from the , “Some 30 hydrogen fuel cell scooters have completed the on-road test drive of 120,000 kilometers in cities, mountainous and seaside areas, which is the first on-road test for such vehicles in the world, stated National Taiwan University of Science and Technology President Chen Shi-Shuenn. The distance is equal to three times the circumference of the Earth …

“… The scooter manufacturer aims to incorporate convenience stores, gas stations and scooter shops to provide service for exchanging old storage canisters for new ones. In this way, the government does not need to provide relative infrastructure for such vehicles. The storage canisters are approximately 4.4 kilograms each, lighter than the Lithium battery used by other battery electric vehicles.

“The highest speed for the scooter is 70 kilometers per hour, according to Hsieh. He expected that when loaded with two canisters — 90 grams of hydrogen gas — the scooter can go as far as 50 kilometers. Customers can purchase 90 grams of hydrogen gas for NT$30.

“For every NT$100 spent, a regular scooter can run for 100 kilometers, while a Lithium battery electric vehicle can run for 150 to 170 kilometers, and a hydrogen fuel cell scooter can run for 260 kilometers, said the division director.”

So, there you have it. Hydrogen fuel cell scooters are ready to rock and rollout as commercial vehicles. No timeframe has been set yet for the first commercial offering. But I will keep my eyes peeled and ears to the ground for when this momentous event is expected to occur.

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    Love the News Come on U.S. our Government extremely disappointing the World is so far ahead..

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    Love Fuel Cell Scooter

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    Looks interesting. How much is the scooter? Would be interested to use it in Manila and I could assist in marketing said EScooters. I have interested companies that would like to shift from fossil fuel to electric. Please advise the advantages and cost benefit versus conventional motorbike. Thank you and looking forward to your advise. More power …… VerR.

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    really good, and a small business, modle.could use other storage devices too. reconstitue and use, maybe big enough for autos,,,i wont a scooter in australia,using said other materials perhapes hydrogen autorier beads or hydrogen pills. or some other solid or liquid form,,said,, into light weight canisters of maybe chicken feathers or said other,,autobon fiber or said other,,,and above,,,canisters..

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    Why cant we get Hydrogen fuel autos NOW! DOE is not doing Their JOB!

    their JOB.
    Robert L. Middleton P.E. (inactive)

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    Awesome product, Can’t wait until these will be sold in Hawaii ! ! !

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