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APFCT Hydrogen Scooters Update

I have been talking about APFCT hydrogen scooters in Taiwan since November 2010. It’s been fun and educational to watch the development from prototypes to commercial ready vehicles.

And now there is an update.

According to APFCT, “80 fuel cell vehicles (scooters), which are granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Energy for APFCT fuel cell hydrogen social empirical project of “clean southland”, have been successfully running for more than six months from 9th of November 2012 till now. As supported and assistance by the Pingtung County government and local B&B association, APFCT has successfully operating the world’s first fuel cell vehicle (scooter) fleet, that tourists can experience this global leading green technology free of charge when travelling in Kenting.

“More than 50 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (scooters) in average per day are running in the Kenting. Canister exchange station has also increased from the original 5 stations (Hengchun police station, Houbihu station, Kenting Chinese Petroleum station, Eluanbi station and the Jialeshuei station) to 7 stations (two 24-hour convenience stores are in addition). This program has not only verified the everyday practicality of the fuel cell vehicles (scooters), more importantly, the easy and safe hydrogen supply system has also been accepted by people.”

You know you’ve gained public acceptance when you have the convenience stores onboard. Big Gulp and an H2 canister anyone? 🙂


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