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Hydrogen Safety – There’s an App for That

Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have created an iPhone and iPad app that features hydrogen safety. For those new to working with hydrogen, it will be helpful to have an app at their fingertips for quickly looking up safety information.

According to , “Nick Barilo, the PNNL project manager who led the team, said fuel cells are becoming more common in a variety of applications — as back-up energy sources in buildings, in vehicles, and in warehouses, where they are often used to power forklifts …

“Hydrogen Tools incorporate a variety of resources and web-based content to help those involved in designing, approving or using hydrogen fuel cell systems and facilities. It includes information about ventilation of hydrogen, safe distances and pressures for storing hydrogen, and best practices for safely handling hydrogen.”

The where the free app is featured talks about best practices, lessons learned, basic properties of hydrogen along with an H2 safety checklist that may be helpful for many.

The only question I have for the PNNL engineers is how soon before the Android app is available?


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