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Air Products Tests Hydrogen Pipeline Safety

Many people are afraid of hydrogen. When you ask random people what they know about hydrogen they will inevitably mention the hydrogen bomb and the Hindenburg accident.

So, in order to counter this fear it is important to get the news out that yes, hydrogen is flammable and combustible like most fuels, but it can also be handled safely and many safety precautions can be put in place to minimize the risk.

In Alberta, Canada, Air Products is holding a mock emergency exercise concerning a hydrogen pipeline near one of its facilities. According to Air Products Yves Rochon, “The intent of the drill is to test the company’s policy concerning emergency response to be better prepared should an emergency occur.”

Air Products runs such mock emergency exercises three times a year, some of which are in view of passing motorists. Not only is this a functional exercise, preparing for a worst case scenario, but it is a good public relations move as well, calming the fears and letting people know that there are emergency plans in place if, in fact, they ever need to be used.

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    Can you tell me where I may find any information concerning Hydrogen Pipeline safety with respect to ground water contamination, soil contanmination or any explosions that has occured with these types of pipelines? Thanks for your help!

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