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European Hydrogen Hwy Walks the Walk with Brenner Motorway

The Brenner Motorway (or Brenner Pass E45, European designation) or A22, the Italian designation is about to become hydrogen-friendly. The Pass which has a long history dating back to the Romans crossing the Alps from Austria into Italy are about to make modern history by installing hydrogen stations in five locations along the motorway.

The hydrogen fuel along this corridor will also be created with different forms of green, renewable energy. According to HyRamp, “Modena, the Brenner Motorway individuated 5 areas considered to be particular adequate for the production and distribution of ‘green’ hydrogen, i.e. hydrogen produced through ‘electrolysis’ by using different types of renewable energy sources.

“These sites, within the framework of the project under discussion, were located near the Brenner Pass (wind power), in Bolzano South (hydroelectric power), in Trentino (combination of photovoltaic and hydroelectric power), in the Province of Verona (interconnection with the A4 motorway) and near the interconnection with the A1 motorway (biomass).”

This is part of a larger overall plan to connect a 400 mile stretch of highway from Munich, Germany to Modena, Italy with hydrogen fueling stations every 60 miles and expand the European Hydrogen Highway. These fueling stations which will create their own hydrogen will help solve two problems.

The first problem that is being addressed is a solution for vehicle emissions along the Brenner Motorway. The second problem being addressed is not having to haul fuel via fossil fuel burning trucks to H2 stations along this stretch of highway. The hydrogen stations will generate their own fuel on-site and will open up long distance driving to those buying hydrogen autos in 2015.

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