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HHO Games & Expo 2009 Coming to Florida

It was only last November that I was talking about the first ever HHO Games & Exposition in Bradenton, Florida. Now, back by popular demand, as they say, is the second round of HHO advocates, buyers, sellers and curious types just getting their feet wet.

HHO of course if the hydrogen and oxygen gas (or oxyhydrogen) that one gets when one electrolyses water. Some are using oxyhydrogen in order to build hydrogen generators for autos and trucks, saving on gasoline, reducing emissions including greenhouse gases and generally making our environment cleaner for ourselves and generations to come.

The 2009 HHO Games & Exposition are being held February 7 – 9 so now is the time to if you’re going to attend. Joe Shea will be holding the HHO Expo at the Manatee Technical Institute where vendors will be set up with their hydrogen generators and EFIE devices ready to interact with the public.

The HHO Expo will also be attractive for entrepreneurs wanting to get into this emerging market. Besides vendors and the public, there will be free How-to seminars on HHO and a chance for burgeoning dealers, distributors and developers to network.

If you decide to drive down to this event, you can drive away with an HHO generator and EFIE installed in your vehicle by the vendors. As a teaser to those on the West Coast (like myself) the organizers are planning a summer edition of the 2009 HHO Games & Expo in the Los Angeles area, but the date is still being worked out.

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