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SmartFuel Retail Hydrogen Dispenser Introduced by Air Products

For years Air Products has been building hydrogen fueling stations and dispensers like the one on this page. Now, Air Products is introducing a new kind of compressed hydrogen dispenser.

According to , “This advanced technology will be immediately incorporated into 10 new fueling stations to be built by Air Products in California starting in 2013. The dispenser’s attractive design and user interface provides the same look, feel, and payment options as a traditional gasoline dispenser, and may be integrated into any existing retail point of sale system.

“The hydrogen fuel dispensing equipment, based partially on Bennett’s Pacific Series product, includes SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)-certified dispensing components, proprietary hydrogen fueling protocols, as well as the ability to meet SAE’s ‘J2601’ fueling requirements. Built on Air Products’ foundation of over 15 years of continuous development and testing, the dispenser is equipped with a consumer-friendly training interface, the latest Hydrogen Vehicle Authorization System to provide identification of the type of vehicle being fueled at the dispenser, and in many areas exceeds applicable safety code requirements.”

The SmartFuel retail hydrogen dispenser is a leap above many models currently out there. In preparation for the 2015 rollout date for commercial hydrogen autos as stated by the major automakers, retail pumps such as these will help greatly with consumer acceptance.


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    I still say that hydrogen dispensers should be designed for easy use by senior citizens with arthritic hands. That, by itself, will guarantee a large market for FCEVs among a demographic with significant disposable income.

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