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Proton, Shell and Air Products Building Hydrogen Station in NYC

Proton, Shell & Air Products are building a hydrogen fueling station inside of the New York City metropolitan area. Proton Energy systems is the major contractor for Shell Hydrogen LLC (part of Royal Dutch Shell) and will be responsible for project design, equipment procurement and installation and other duties.

Air Products is subcontracting to Proton and will supply the storage, compression and dispensing equipment. The fueling station will contain a PEM electrolysis unit that will use electricity and water to create hydrogen cleanly. The unit will be capable of producing 12 kilograms of hydrogen per day.

The hydrogen fueling station is a demonstration project that will help promote hydrogen fuel and vehicles to New Yorkers and others visitors to the most populated city in the U. S. Proton will also garner information on the performance of its equipment in harsher winter climates.

With BMW’s Hydrogen 7 and GM’s Equinox Fuel Cell SUV rolling out next year in New York, it will be necessary to have hydrogen fueling stations to support the rollout. Besides a Honda Home Fueling Station II currently in New York, the Proton / Shell hydrogen station will be New York City’s first station. The station is also expected to sell gasoline as well as hydrogen. The location of the hydrogen fueling station has not been disclosed.

In order for the people of the U. S. to buy into hydrogen technology, New Yorkers will need to buy into hydrogen technology. This demonstration station and the hydrogen vehicles it will support will be a good start in gaining visibility for hydrogen technology. And some, like me, may even wonder, “What’s taken it so long?”

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