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ITM Power to Launch TUV Hydrogen Refueler at Hannover Messe in April 2012

I’ve talked many times about ITM Power and their electrolysis based hydrogen fueling stations over the past several years. And over time there has been a certain frustration that ITM Power hasn’t moved more quickly to bring their products to market.

Now, it looks like UK-based ITM Power has ratcheted up their efforts by launching a TUV hydrogen refueling unit at the Hannover Messe trade show in Germany at the end of April 2012.

According to ITM Power, “ITM Power has been building significant commercial interest in its electrolyser products over the last few months and we expect this to culminate with the launch of a TUV certified refueller and a 25kg/day stack (upon which the 400kg/day, 1MW system is based) at the Hannover Messe towards the end of April. The HFuel product suite is becoming one of the most substantial large PEM electrolyser ranges on the market and we also believe is world leading in terms of performance and cost.

“In addition to its HOST trials, projects like EcoIsland and onsite refuelling trials with Marks and Spencer could lead to orders for several large HFuel units in the next financial year. Furthermore, the potential for the German Hydrogen NOW refuelling plans could make our current forecasts seem conservative and we analyse this potential in this note. However, we are retaining our current estimates until ITM Power has received its TUV accreditation and it has received its first million dollar orders but iterate our buy recommendation.

“German Hydrogen NOW electrolyser market potential is around 500 stations by 2015. The Hydrogen NOW Clean Energy Partnership has indicated that half of the hydrogen delivered by the planned 1000 refuelling stations should be ‘green hydrogen’ made with renewable energy. We believe demand side managed PEM electrolysis is the only way to achieve this and ITM Power has the leading solution and therefore, once ITM Power’s products are TUV certified, the company could win significant orders from Germany.”

So, you see, that British owned ITM Power is targeting the European Union Hydrogen Highway and in particular Germany for sales of its hydrogen fueling stations in the near future. To date Germany is the world leader in the build out of hydrogen auto infrastructure and it doesn’t look like they will be giving up this lead anytime soon. And of course this also means the U. S. keeps falling farther and farther behind in this leading edge green auto technology.

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