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Honda Smart Hydrogen Fueling Station Unveiled in Japan

At the CEATEC JAPAN 2014 exhibition, a new mockup of a Honda smart hydrogen fueling station has been unveiled. A couple of the key features of this smart hydrogen station (SHS) are that it electrolyzes water to create H2 and it creates high pressure output without using a compressor.

According to , “The SHS is equipped with Honda’s original high-pressure water electrolysis system that does not require a compressor. Moreover, the SHS was jointly developed by Honda and Iwatani Corporation as the world’s first hydrogen station where the key components including a high-pressure hydrogen tank and a fueling nozzle are housed in a box-shaped package …

“…Honda will introduce new scenarios where automobiles are getting connected to people’s everyday lives. By combining an FCV, which generates electricity, with Honda’s inverter technologies, the FCV can be turned into a movable and small-sized power plant that provides electricity to the community.”

So, there you have it. With smart phones, smart watches, smart homes and the Internet of Everything coming of age it was only a matter of time until hydrogen fueling stations went smart as well. And, of course the next question we need to ask about the Honda SHS is, “Is there an app for that?”


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