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Czech Hydrogen Fueling Station Open for Business

Czech Hydrogen Fueling StationThe first Czech hydrogen fueling station has opened its door for operation in Neratovice, central Bohemia. This adds one more H2 fueling station to the European Union Hydrogen Highway system.

The Czech Republic borders Austria to the south and Germany to the west, which both have multiple hydrogen fueling stations. The new Czech H2 station expands the reach of the EU hydrogen highway system.

After 3 years and $3 million Euros the station was finally completed by Linde Gas and the Czech Nuclear Research Institute. Annually the station has the capability of pumping six tons of hydrogen gas.

The new hydrogen fueling station will be used at first to refuel the TriHyBus which runs on fuel cells, ultracapacitors and batteries. So, if you are in the area any time soon Czech it out and report back your findings.



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    Just because sometimes not everyone is so familiar with volumes and conversions: 6 Tons / year is 15 kg / day. A kg is about the energy equivalent of a gallon of gas.

    So this station might fill the one bus daily (or maybe two or three autos a day).

    (oh and 3 million EUR is 4.5 million US dollars).

    Unless this station can be easily expanded, it might be premature to add it to the EU hydrogen highway system.

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