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Saudi Arabia Moves to Big Hydrogen Cartel

Online satire magazine “Unconfirmed Sources” has written a humorous article poking fun at the Saudi autotel OPEC and the lock they have on the oil industry. According to this magazine, Saudi Arabia is now taking measures to move from Big Oil to Big Hydrogen as they see where the future and profits are heading.

According to the , the Saudi government has started a new entity they are calling the Organization of Hydrogen Exporting Countries (or OHEC). Or is it Oh, Heck! This imaginary entity will be producing hydrogen at an unprecedented rate using renewable resources such as by use of the world’s largest solar array.

The kicker that makes this story even funnier is that the crown prince is considering building a fleet of airborne hydrogen tankers that presumably will fly all the way to California to deliver the H2 gas (looking much like a fleet of Hindenburg’s) and when totally deflated be shipped by to Saudi Arabia where they will once again be inflated with hydrogen and shipped to their destinations.

This story is funny in that it strikes the core fear of many hydrogen naysayers who think that Big Oil will morph itself (as in the Transformers movie) into Big Hydrogen and the world will be no better off than it was before. Poking fun at this doomsday scenario of never being able to achieve energy independence is welcomed humor on this particular Monday morning.

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    This is just great…. now that buy an electric auto I’ll have to reinvest into hydrogen….

    just great.

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