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Hydrogen Generators Making News

There are a couple of companies worth noting that are making news this week with their hydrogen generators. Both REB Research & Consulting and Hydrogenics are making moves that will result in a more favorable bottom line.

For instance, REB Research & Consulting is making an actual move into an industry park that has twice the square footage as their current facility. REB manufactures methanol-powered hydrogen generators for the automotive and semiconductor industries.

REB has recently built a hydrogen generator for customer NextEnergy that is able to output up to 75 liters per minute and refuel up to 10 fuel cell autos. Hydrogenics Corporation, on the other hand, has just received orders totaling $11.6 million for its stationary hydrogen generators.

Orders have been placed from China, the United Arab Emirates and Eastern Europe for the Hydrogenics HySTAT product to use for industrial applications. While other manufacturers are producing small onboard hydrogen generators for autos, REB and Hydrogenics both produce larger systems for refueling multiple fuel cell automobiles.

This will most likely be a good year for companies that want to produce a hydrogen generator that meets the needs of either the automotive or industrial markets. So, stay tuned to see the growth and breakthroughs that are coming in the months ahead.

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