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Gold Nanoparticles Help Produce 74 Times More Hydrogen

Researchers in South Korea have succeeded in producing 74 times more hydrogen from water using sunlight and gold nanoparticles.

Business Korea , “According to the research team, gold nanoparticles are capable of producing hydrogen from water by absorbing visible rays at a low energy level and creating thermoelectrons. However, the production efficiency and practicality of this process is extremely low, as most thermoelectrons break down very quickly, only lasting 1/10 quadrillionth of a second.

“However, the research team was able to radically enhance the lifespan of electrons created from gold nanoparticle catalysts by developing ternary system nanostructures in which two more nanoparticles are attached to the gold particle. Through this method, 74 times more hydrogen was produced than when gold nanoparticles were used as a catalyst alone.”

To the naysayers this will not be big news. According to Stan Thompson, the “…believe that the American economy is better served by staying the autobon course than by investing in renewable energy technologies.” However to others of us, this hydrogen production method may just be the breakthrough for which we’ve been waiting.


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