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Berlin and Hamburg Pumping Up on Green Hydrogen

A hydrogen-hybrid power station has started up in Prenzlau, Germany. The hydrogen from the power station is going to feed autos in Berlin and Hamburg. The power station creates hydrogen by wind to hydrogen methods and biogas to hydrogen methods. Both methods are green and create no CO2 gases.

According to, “The aim of this ground-breaking project is to demonstrate the feasibility of a safe and sustainable supply and storage of energy by using a mix of purely renewable energy sources in practical testing. The hydrogen-hybrid power station unites for the first time wind, hydrogen and biogas to one compound. The electricity generated by three wind turbines is proportionately used to manufacture CO2-free hydrogen.

“This green hydrogen is stored and used to produce electricity and heat by means of a combined hydrogen-biogas power plant at times of high demand and simultaneously low supply of wind en-ergy. Moreover, this hydrogen is also used in the pumps at TOTAL hydrogen filling stations in Berlin and Hamburg. In this way, green hydrogen from the Uckermarck guarantees CO2-free mobility in our capital city.”

Now, in the past I’ve talked about some hydrogen fueling stations being powered by either wind energy or biogas. But this is the first time I can remember talking about an H2 filling station powered by both wind and biogas.

Here’s a from 2008 concerning the hydrogen infrastructure being built around Germany. It’s a good read with lots of details about how Germany aims to have the first hydrogen highway system on the planet.

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