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ACTA Energy Creates Hydrogen Generator and Fuel Cell for Outboard Motors

At Italy’s international Seatec trade exhibition for yachts, ships and boats, ACTA Energy won the prestigious 2010 Qualitec Technology Award (along with Volkswagen) for their new EL100 Hydrogen Generator.

The generator was coupled with a 1 Kw fuel cell that together powered an outboard boat motor. The nautical award was given for the device’s “innovation, low cost and environmental profile.”

Now, I’ve talked about ACTA Energy before as in December 2009, they had shown a hydrogen fuel cell bike at the EICMA Motor Show in Milan, Italy, which could be powered either by H2 or by pedaling.

Now, nautical hydrogen fuel cells are nothing new. Also in December 2009 I had talked about the EFOY 2000 providing onboard power for the Pogo2 yacht in a 4,800 mile race and the Pharos Marine Orcageno hydrogen diesel hybrid super-yacht being unveiled.

Over the past several years I’ve talked about hydrogen ferry boats, whale touring ships, motorboats, submarines and other seafaring craft. ACTA Energy, however, is working on low cost solutions that will bring hydrogen fuel cell technology to commercialization in the short term rather than long term.

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    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
    And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! 🙂

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    i have a 87 model yamaha out board motor,and have sealed off the oil resevior and wonder if a hydrogen supliment generator could be introduced and the vapor injected where the oil once was. already now mixing oil to fuel at tank. i run mostly at just above idle rpm but still use about 1.25 gal.per hour. i have seen huge fuel savings in old auto engines and highly intrested in any hydrogen technology.

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    So who in the United States has this working on our Motor Craft.
    I need to get these el-100 generators? Who is the U.S. distributor.
    Who are building our Generators. maybe and answer.Ask for Jim or Mark.
    I know we need to get our Green Hydrogen Car Boats and Fuels working to not only bring our prices to a more normal pricing structure,cleaner and restructure our infrastructure so we stop blowing America Up. Great Going.The more I read your blogs the more I share them.

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    Acta offers complete systems for renewable to power solutions and hydrogen generators for renewable to gas applications.

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