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Los Angeles Shell Hydrogen Station Opens

Shell Hydrogen StationIn Los Angeles, California on Santa Monica Boulevard a new public Shell hydrogen station is set to open. This hydrogen station is different than many in that it will also dispense gasoline to drivers along this busy street in the heart of the city.

The timing couldn’t be any better. With GM’s Project Driveway in full swing now, the drivers of their Chevy Equinox FCV will have another option on where to refuel. Also, the drivers of the new Honda FCX Clarity, who will be announced on June 16 alongside the first production rollouts in Japan, will also have another avenue in which to gas up with hydrogen.

The Santa Monica hydrogen pump will use the facility’s electricity to electrolyze water to create hydrogen. The Department of Energy and General Motors also had a hand in building and funding this station as well. Shell has also committed to building a few more hydrogen stations in the Los Angeles area in the coming months in support of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that continue to roll out.

Vice president of Shell Hydrogen, Duncan Macleod has called for a series of urban mini-networks of fueling stations to be built in the largest U. S. cities to start off the roll out of the hydrogen highway infrastructure nationwide. Worldwide, Macleod is calling for New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Shanghai to get the first mini-networks of public H2 stations.

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  1. Avatar

    I had no idea hydrogen was progressing this quickly. Most excellent.

  2. Avatar

    Great. This is (in my thinking) the way of the future. hydrogen cell autos are one of the ways to get this country energy independent. The infurstructure is mostly inplace for on-site production. I can see more gas stations adding hydrogen product to their gasoline products. “the Green & Leiby 2007 Study” projects over 95% of autos could be hydrogen fuel cells, by 2050.

  3. admin

    It’s also my thinking that onsite or at least local production of hydrogen is the way to go and the pieces keep falling in place for this to happen.

  4. Avatar

    I understand,Freighliner is testing “Tyrano” hydrogen fuel cell electric semi truck right now.can anyone tell me if the existing fuel stations (designed for autos) are capable of fueling these big trucks?

  5. admin

    The simple answer is yes, they can.

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