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Hydrogen Fuel Goes Mobile for London’s 2012 Olympics

Over the past few days I’ve talked about the South Wales Hydrogen Highway, the Scottish Hydrogen Highway and the ITM Power hydrogen fueling stations being built for the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

About 10 months ago, I had also talked about how London’s Mayor Boris Johnson had reversed his decision in regard to introducing hydrogen autos to the streets of that city including fuel cell powered black cabs.

Now, in addition to the ITM Power refueling stations, Air Products will now be dispensing hydrogen fuel from mobile trailers. The Air Products mobile refueling units will be parked at local gas stations around London providing compressed H2 gas for the black taxis during the 2012 Olympics.

I first saw one of the Air Products mobile hydrogen refueling trailers about 4 years ago at a in Long Beach, which will be repeated this year May 3 – 6, 2010. An anti-static cord is placed first upon the auto’s bumper or some other metal part and then the hydrogen is dispensed.

The three companies that are developing the London fuel cell taxis are Intelligent Energy, Lotus, LTI (London Taxis International) and TRW Conekt. The is that there will be a measurable reduction of CO2 and particulate matter compared to taxis running on diesel fuel.

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