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Hydrogen Cars and Fueling Stations Go Dutch

The Energy Research Center of the Netherlands (ECN) has opened it first hydrogen fueling station on Friday, October 27 in Petten. The hydrogen filling station will be used to fuel up ECN’s HydroGEM PEM fuel cell vehicle.

The HydroGEM’s fuel cell and vehicle system have been built entirely by ECN, though the vehicle is based upon the Daimler Chrysler GEM Neighborhood Electric Vehicle and adapted for a hydrogen fueling system. The HydroGEM is a utility vehicle that may be used at airports, factories and distribution centers.

The HydroGEM contains a 5 kw fuel cell in combination with a 6.5 kw traction battery, which provides power for the vehicle. The HydroGEM also contains a compressed hydrogen tank at 200 bars, which means the vehicle can travel 125 miles before refueling.

Another Dutch vehicle that has also just been introduced is the Fhybrid hydrogen motor scooter. The Fhybrid is the first front-wheel drive hydrogen-powered scooter and will conceivably be refueled at the ECN hydrogen fueling station. The ECN station was developed by Air Products for small scale refueling applications.

The Netherlands, known over the past several years as a hotbed for hydrogen technology, also has another fuel cell vehicle that has no wheels or tires. The Xperiance is a prototype fuel cell boat built in collaboration with Ecofys and Knowledge Center Yachtbuilding.

Also, the home of oil giant, Royal Dutch Shell in Amsterdam and its subsidiary Shell Hydrogen LLC, the Netherlands is taking its first steps to join the growing hydrogen highway system that continues to develop throughout Europe and Scandinavia.

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