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Denmark Opens H2 Fueling Station Links Germany and Scandinavia

Denmark H2 Fueling StationsThere have been so many openings of hydrogen fueling stations in the past few years that now days I hardly take notice of another opening. But, the opening of the H2 fueling station in Copenhagen, Denmark has caught my attention and I’ll tell you why.

Yesterday, Copenhagen opened its first hydrogen filling station, which gives Denmark a total now of 7 H2 filling stations. Why is this important?

It is important because Denmark links the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway system (including Norway, Sweden and Denmark) with the overall European Union Hydrogen Highway system that includes these 3 countries Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

In fact, Denmark is the link between Sweden and Germany. Besides Copenhagen, there are hydrogen fueling stations in the other Danish cities of Arhus, Herning, Samso, Sydthy and 2 in Holstebro.

Denmark Hydrogen CarYesterday, Copenhagen also introduced 8 hydrogen autos including 2 working vehicles and 6 autos. According to Technology and Environment Mayor Klaus Bondam, “Today we are putting Copenhagen on the map as a champion of clean transport. Together with H2 Logic, Copenhagen is setting in motion the development of hydrogen transport in Denmark and in Northern Europe because the hydrogen filling station in Copenhagen will help provide future hydrogen-powered vehicles from Scandinavia and Germany with hydrogen. The project is a visionary investment in the future and one of many that will ensure that we achieve our goal of becoming the first autobon-neutral capital city by 2025.”

So, Copenhagen has two goals in mind here. The first is to become autobon neutral and the second is to use hydrogen towards this goal. Denmark is an important link in the EU Hydrogen Highway network and a bridge from fossil fuels to zero emissions in the near future.


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