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Green Monster Hydrogen Car Hits Hawaii

When people think of the Green Monster, images of Fenway Park’s 37-foot wall in left field come to mind. But, students in Hawaii hit their own home run with their own homegrown Green Monster, a hydrogen raceauto about the size of a loaf of bread.

Recent high school graduates at the Kapiolani Community College participated in the STEM Summer Bridge Program and part of the curriculum was to build and race remote-controlled hydrogen autos. The was held to encourage students to pursue autoeers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and thus the acronym STEM.

As much as a demolition derby as it was a race, the event was made possible by a National Science Foundation $1.25 million grant. Reports have it that student Matt Anguay pointed his remote to left field for all the crowd to see then hit a home run as his Green Monster hydrogen raceauto overtook the field and won the competition.

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