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Krystal Planet Home Hybrid Wind Solar Hydrogen Off-Grid System

Krystal Planet’s home hybrid energy system helps consumers power their houses off the grid using wind, solar and hydrogen. According to Krystal Planet, this is the world’s first turnkey system of its kind to help homeowners become autobon neutral.

The wind turbines and solar panels produce electricity, which in turn electrolyze water to produce hydrogen and oxygen, too much, in fact. Excess electricity is sold back to the grid, which the power companies must accept because of federal mandate. The excess hydrogen and oxygen can also be sold as well.

The hydrogen generated may be used to power hydrogen autos and also be sold to third parties, such as those who use the gas in the manufacturing industry. Excess oxygen may also be sold to industries such as to the medical field.

Because of long-term financing and federal tax credits the math works out in the homeowner’s favor to help reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 400 tons per year. The wind turbines alone cost between $11,000 and $15,000 as Krystal Planet also sells standalone units to those who wish to ease into alternative power more slowly at a much lower cost.

Krystal Planet is an apt name for a company seeking to make ours a “crystal planet” in the years to come.

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    Where can I see this equipment up and running? If it’s so good there should be one in every neighborhood. Right?

  2. admin

    Please the company directly to see where they have installed their systems.

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    Will like to know if you can export. Like every other developing economy there is enormous power challenges here. There are very highly sensitive Government facilities that require constant power.We are interested in your hybrid technology for various applications.

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