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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Christmas Tree Lights Up Sacramento

I talked about a similar story last year, but it’s worth repeating since the event itself is repeating. Once again, California’s state Christmas tree at the Capitol building in Sacramento is being powered by hydrogen fuel cell.

The fuel cell is provided by Altergy Systems of Folsom, California. What is unique this year is that the Christmas tree uses 98-percent less energy delivered by the fuel cell since this year the tree was converted from using incandescent lights to LED lights.

Thanks to the efforts of the Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative, the State of California has a highly efficient hydrogen-powered Christmas tree that is making other states green with green envy. Once the tree has passed its prime and withered on the vine, so to speak, after the holiday season, it will be turned to mulch.

Of course, the 76th annual tree lighting ceremony was led by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and first lady Maria Shriver. From Governator to Greenenator, Arnold Schwarzenegger has made California a very hydrogen-friendly state indeed.

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