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Hydrogen Concept Cars

Hydrogen Concept Cars

Hydrogen concept autos are here now. Some of the hydrogen concept autos llisted on this page are not true concept autos in that many are in limited production. None, of these concept autos, however is yet in mass production.

As more hydrogen concept autos come on board, we’ll add them to this page or on other pages. This is just a sampling of the hydrogen concept autos and prototypes that have been shown to the public within the last 5 – 6 years. Check out our other pages for more information.

Ford Focus FCV

GM HydroGen3


Hyundai Santa Fe FCEV


Reva Hydrogen

Toyota FCHV

Nissan Effis

Daimler-Chrysler F-Cell

Volkswagen Touran HiMotion

Even though some conservative critics say that mass produced, commercial hydrogen autos are 10 years away, the exciting part is that there are fully functional hydrogen autos operating today. With a few technological break-throughs, your next hydrogen powered auto may be in your driveway sooner than you think. For instance there are two major auto manufacturers who are looking to have a dual-fuel hydrogen-gasoline auto in the showrooms as early as 2014. Other fuel cell auto makers are looking to hit the showrooms in 2017. The future for hydrogen autos is just around the corner, my friend.

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