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Toyota Mirai – What’s In a Name?

While it is still just rumor and speculation, the Toyota Mirai may be the name of the company’s first production fuel cell auto available to the buying public. Mirai means “future” and is a leap forward from Prius which means “to go before.”

According to Bloomberg, “Toyota Motor Corp. is planning to name its $69,000 fuel-cell auto Mirai, the Japanese word for future, a person familiar with the matter said.

“The person asked not to be identified because the decision hasn’t been made public. The name of the auto will be unveiled closer to when it goes on sale, said Danny Chen, a company spokesman, declining to comment on Mirai, which has been trademarked by Toyota in the U.S.”

Well if they call the wind Mariah then my vote is that Toyota stays with the name Mirai at least for the foreseeable future. Does anyone else think the leaking of this name may just be a trial balloon?

Oh, what a feeling. 未来


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    Like the name. 🙂
    Really would like to see a SUV like the expedition gets this stuff.

    Nice link to H2 mythbusters. 🙂

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