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Tongji Auto Showcases Fuel Cell Volare Concept

Tongji Automotive Design & Research Institute, a part of Tongji University in Shanghai, China has developed a fuel cell concept auto they have named the Volare (pictured above).

The vehicle was premiered last week at the Auto China 2013 Motor Show. Developed by both Chinese and German scientists at the University, there are not a lot of details forthcoming about the Volare hydrogen fuel cell roadster.

According to , “The Volare is known to have a newly developed hydrogen fuel cell – we just don’t know any details. What is known is that the auto has wheel motors on all four wheels (and is hence four-wheel-drive), and a top speed of 150 km/h (93 mph) …

“…Tongji fuel cell autos competed in the Michelin Challenge Bibendum in 2004 (finishing in the top 10 percent of fuel cell vehicles by any measure) and in the 2006 Bibendum, a Tongji-designed FCV delivered the best fuel economy of the class.”

Since 2004, Tongji Automotive Design & Research Institute has come up with a number of eco-friendly concept autos and among them several fuel cell vehicle designs. So, what’s the verdict – thumbs up or down on the Chinese Volare design?


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  1. Avatar

    “So, what’s the verdict – thumbs up or down on the Chinese Volare design?”

    Funky looking auto.

    But, of course, the auto is just a wrapper for what really matters – the technology.

    Good to see another big player in the FCEV biz. Especially in China, the biggest auto market in the world.

  2. Avatar

    I actually love the look of this auto, but I can see how a guy wouldn’t like it much – it’s definitely not manly-looking.

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