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Tai Robinson’s Converted 2008 Chevy Suburban

Hydrogen Chevy SuburbanEarly this morning I heard from Tai Robinson of Intergalactic . Tai’s company converts gasoline burning vehicles to multi-fuel green vehicles including those that run on hydrogen.

Pictured is Tai’s newest conversion, a 2008 Chevy Suburban and here’s what he has to say from the road as he’s doing a promotional tour:

“Looks like your site needs a 2008 model year H2V and I’ve got one for you! It started as a 2008 Chevy Suburban, but it has had the full Intergalactic Multi-Fuel treatment. I have a couple photos for you here and can get more, better ones soon. Right now though, I get to drive it to Atlanta for an appearance on FamilyNet TV and to take a tour of the city w/ the new Mayor with a film crew on board.

“This vehicle was built to sell as a Turn-Key NGV with tri-fuel ability, (gas, E85 or CNG). But with cheap gas it has been hard to sell. So, it is mine and I installed the hydrogen fill receptacle to be able to fill w/ pure H2. I drove it around Sundance as a TAXI to help pay for it primarily on CNG. However, I did get to take Adam Yauch, (Beastie Boys) to the airport and he was way into hydrogen.

“So, before his scheduled pick up, I transferred 1/2 kilo of H2 into the vehicle to blend with CNG so Adam could have his first “hydrogen” vehicle ride. (The first hydrogen taxi ride given in known history was by me in the H2TOY for Jeremy Rifkin, back to his hotel from the Clean Cities conference in 2003.)”

So, that’s the word from Tai Robinson, a successful hydrogen and green fuel entrepreneur who is making his living helping drivers emit less and commit more to cleaning up the air we all breathe.

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