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RC CAR dAlh2Orean Uses Aluminum + H2 + Fuel Cell

dAlH2OreanRight now there are several radio controlled (RC) hydrogen powered autos on the market. Three of them are the HCell 20, the H2Go and the H-Cell RC. But, there is another hydrogen fuel cell RC that I would like to talk about that has just been developed and is a little unique.

First of all, leave it to college students to design a auto that runs on beer can pull tabs. This is what student Aleix Llovet and his UPC BarcelonaTech professor Xavier Salueña have done by inventing a vehicle called the dAlH2Orean.

The name is either a spoof or paying homage to the DeLorean used in the movie Back to the Future. Spelling out dAlH2Orean you come up with d-aluminum-water-rean. Anyway, the runs on pull tabs or any kind of waste aluminum sodium hydroxide and water.

Hydrogen is created and run through a tiny put powerful fuel cell that propels this beast 18.6 mph for 40 minutes. The dAlH2Orean uses a couple of filters which is impressive for an RC auto. Vinegar and water filter out the hydroxides while a silica gel filter removes moisture from the hydrogen.

Also notable is that the aluminum can be recycled along with the sodium hydroxide. Now using aluminum to create hydrogen is nothing new. I’ve talked about it many times over the years. The latest hydrogen powered RC auto, the dAlH2Orean, shows how a simple chemical reaction can be used to create hydrogen and do it renewably. And instead of back to the future, this may be fast-forward to the future of hydrogen autos.

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    hi.have a good time.I want to buy this auto.please tell me how can i buy it?

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    Sorry, this is an experimental vehicle.

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