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Mercedes-Benz G-Code Hydrogen Concept Unveiled

The Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept has been unveiled coinciding with the company’s R&D center in Beijing, China. This subcompact crossover concept has been designed to attract the younger Chinese drivers.

According to Benz Insider, “Based from the images and information provided by the German automaker, the G-Code will be designed as a Sports Utility Coupe. It will measure 161 inches, which is even shorter than the GLA—the brand’s smallest crossover so far.

“Not much was revealed about the engine specs of the compact crossover concept. However, the plan is to equip the auto with a turbocharged combustion engine powered by hydrogen. Then, the power will emanate from the front wheels. Also, it will autory an electric motor that will drive the rear axle and transmit its power selectively to the two wheels using a dual multi-disc clutch.”

A couple other notable features of the Mercedes G-Code Concept are the silver finish on the body of the vehicle serves as a solar panel and the holographic grille which gives the auto the ‘cool’ factor.




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    “….the plan is to equip the auto with a turbocharged combustion engine powered by hydrogen.”

    Its troubling to see a company that is so heavily invested in fuel cells regress to talk of hydrogen ICE.

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