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ITM Power Retrofitted Ford Focus Completes Eco Rally 2009

ITM FordA couple of weeks ago I talked about the ITM Power / Ford Focus hydrogen retrofit participating in Great Britain’s Eco Rally 2009. This is a follow up to that story.

The modified 2.0 liter Ford Focus is actually a dual fuel vehicle that can run on either compressed hydrogen gas or gasoline. British Chancellor Alistair Darling actually took the auto for a spin as did Zac Goldsmith who drove the first leg of the rally.

According to , “I think it’s a magnificent auto. I like it because it’s so simple. I couldn’t tell the difference, driving with gas or hydrogen, it’s the same vehicle, same motion, very easy, very uncomplicated. I like the fact that it’s a fairly straightforward retrofit so we’re not talking hundreds of thousands extra, given that this is a one-off prototype, not conveyor belt made, so if it became mainstream, you’re talking something quite affordable … I fail to see the real obstacles, I don’t think they exist, except in politicians’ minds, and I’d like to see a bit of clarity and maybe a bit of courage” (from them).”

There is also a video taken at the Revolve Eco Rally that ITM Power fans may find of interest outlining the general attributes of the auto and how it runs. And there is an even more interesting video (in my opinion) sent in by Lee C. that gives people a glimpse inside the ITM Power facility and laboratory.

Much of this video talks about the home hydrogen fueling station which electrolyzes water cheaply to create hydrogen and compress and store it for vehicle use. The same unit can also be used to power one’s home as well. Solar, wind or grid energy can be used to power this unit. Hydrogen can also replace natural gas in many appliances within the home.

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