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Hydrogen Powered Truck for Sale

Now, how often have you seen a classified ad that says, “Hydrogen Powered Truck for Sale”? My guess would be never. But, that is exactly what this is.

Over the weekend, I received an email from Dan Greenberg  and he says he is selling a hydrogen powered truck.

Dan Greenberg, according to his , is the former Director of Engineering and Product Development for a company called Hydrogen Power Incorporated. Dan says he was able to get his hands on this prototype vehicle when the company went under.

Under Greenberg, one of the techs used aluminum and water to generate H2 as I have outlined on my hydrogen on demand page. But, according to Mr. Greenberg, the hydrogen powered truck for sale has all the trimmings to run gasoline, compressed natural gas (CNG), compressed hydrogen (H2) or a blend of H2 and CNG (hythane) so the buyer will have many options. He currently runs the vehicle on CNG since there are no hydrogen fueling stations in his area of the country.

Here is some more info about the hydrogen powered truck for sale supplied by Mr. Greenberg:

  • Hydrogen Power 2006 Ford Ranger XL Extra Cab w/ 24,000 miles
  • It comes with a laptop and the software to program the ECO-Fuel bypass ECU that is installed.
  • A second set of gaseous fuel injectors is switched on and the stock gasoline injectors are switched of seamlessly “on the fly”
  • The vehicle has a timing retard module that can be switched on for driving on H2
  • You can program new fuel maps to optimize the fuel of choice.
  • Vehicle comes with more than $15,000 of professionally installed hardware.
  • 16 valve I-4 Duratech ford 2.3L engine (lots of sport extras available from Cosworth)
  • Two SCI 3600 psi tanks installed for 250 miles range on CNG or 90-100 miles on H2
  • Using a blend of CNG and H2 almost 300 miles is attainable

Since space is limited on this blog, here are even more details about this hydrogen truck for sale. Mr. Greenberg lives in the Seattle area and is asking $15,000 for this converted alternative fuel truck. For more info Dan Greenberg’s phone number is 206-854-9142. And, be sure to tell him where you first heard about his hydrogen powered truck for sale.

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Hydro Kevin Kantola
I'm a hydrogen auto blogger, editor and publisher interested in documenting the history and the progression of hydrogen autos, vehicles and infrastructure worldwide.

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  1. Avatar
    diesel trucks for sale

    The problem of no station of Hydrogen fueling might be the case that doesn’t promote product now. The product is useful but it has to come in the right time… The company must encourage the gas business to deal with this option of energy.

  2. Avatar
    Commercial trucks for sale

    Hydrogen power trucks are not in demand due to lack of hydrogen fueling stations. Hydrogen power trucks will be on huge demand once hydrogen fueling stations will be available, as it has other fueling options available with many other facilities, Future of Hydrogen power trucks is very bright.

  3. Avatar

    It is really good to see hydrogen powered trucks are for sale in market. As other fuel prices were raising day by day it will be great relief for many truck owners.For making this truck in demand it very important to arrange a proper facility of hydrogen fueling stations.

  4. Avatar

    Are you willing to trade for a 2006 Dodge Magnum? Or an Acura 2.2cl? I am veryinterested, I have a fuel station not too far from my house.


    Derek McGowan
    [email protected]

  5. Avatar

    This is powerful hydrogen commercial truck.It is very useful in Construction industry.Features of this trucks are Hydrogen Power 2006 Ford Ranger XL Extra Cab w/ 24,000 miles
    It comes with a laptop and the software to program the ECO-Fuel bypass ECU that is installed.

  6. Avatar

    Do you still have the truck for sale ?

    I would have called but not sure how old the information is.

  7. admin

    I am not the owner. Please the owner to see if it is still available.

  8. Avatar

    Interestingly enough…
    many, if not all the issues, with on board hydrogen on demand.
    The use of wet ethanol…
    provides the methanes for starting and immense torque developed.
    using the boron as a fuel stabilizer.
    trace amounts.
    The chemical equations are correct.
    It then generates cold plasma energy…on demand.
    Been doing this for a while now.
    As the inventor…my unique approach…has stabilized many (all) the issues.
    The patent is applied for…
    it is an historical event by definition of the US Patent Office.
    I am telling as many serious minded people about this discovery…as it is just an adjustments issue.
    I use the autobed methodology.
    by adjusting the electrical input via the motor oil…
    the many chemical reactions are stabilized…
    cooling issues…are resolved.
    We have operated a 207 cubic inch engine….
    inline 4 cylinder…
    working in the field…on 32 ounces of normal fuel per hour.
    as compared to 1.75 gallons before adjustments.
    it moves 13,000 pounds while operating.
    No internal engine modifications were required.
    Normal idle is 300 rpm’s…and can work hard at these rpm’s…
    We estimate torque is 300+ pounds useable at 1200 rpm’s…
    the hydralic pump to operate the many cylinders is also a constant load.
    It has been field operated for about a year…with no failure issues.
    The reduction of fuel costs for producing KWs of electricity…with normal ethanol fuel blends…is below 2 cents.
    No high pressure tanks required.

    Dan Greenburg was very close to get it balanced.
    Perhaps someone could tell him.
    As I do not use computers…
    it is a market niche of DIY.
    It is a free open forum…
    that gives details of how to duplicate my work.

  9. Avatar

    There is a terrific amount of knowelgde in this article! I’m not sure that I know enough however to buy this truck and maintain it myself.

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