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Hydrogen Power Inc. Displays H2 Vehicle at Seattle Auto Show

Hydrogen Power Incorporated (HPI) is showing off its converted dual-fuel hydrogen / gasoline 2006 Ford Ranger XL at the 2007 International Auto Show in Seattle, Washington. The show is currently running from October 25 – 29, 2006 at the Qwest Field Event Center.

HPI’s converted truck runs off both gasoline internal combustion engine (ICE) and by using a hydrogen-on-demand system called Hydrogen Now. The Hydrogen Now technology uses water, aluminum and an environmentally-friendly catalyst to separate hydrogen from water, which is then run through the ICE to power the vehicle. Only a standard vehicle battery is needed to power the Hydrogen Now system.

The Hydrogen Now invention eliminates the need for a vast hydrogen infrastructure to be built, which will be necessary to support other hydrogen ICE or fuel cell vehicles. The only byproduct of the Hydrogen Now chemical reaction is aluminum hydroxide (non-toxic, non-caustic, and recyclable).

Hydrogen Power Incorporated has just been nominated as one of the Top 20 Finalists for the Blue Sky Award for the China International High-Tech Fair in Shenzen, China. HPI’s Portable Hydrogen Generation Station was selected for honors from over 80 competing technologies.

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    My Question is: Will your hydrogen generator build up pessure enough to propel my Rotary Engine? up to 100 lbs. See >> <<

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