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Honda’s New FCEV Design Is Kinda Sketchy

Honda has released a new design sketch (see above) for their latest fuel cell electric vehicle which they will unveil at the Los Angeles Auto show at the end of November 2013. The sketch signals a possible design shift for the current Clarity that is being least to a couple of dozen of people.

According to Honda, “Today a sketch was released of the Honda FCEV Concept in advance of its debut at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show on November 20. The concept model expresses a potential styling direction for Honda’s next-generation fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) launching in the U.S and Japan in 2015 and later in Europe …

“…In 2002, Honda was the first automaker to begin a retail initiative with the leasing of its fuel-cell electric vehicles to fleet customers. Honda also was the first automaker to put a fuel-cell electric vehicle in the hands of an individual retail consumer in 2005. Today, about two dozen customers are driving the FCX Clarity – enjoying the benefits of driving this advanced technology vehicle, while also contributing valuable experience, helping Honda to advance fuel-cell technology for the future.”

Personally, I prefer Toyota’s foil covered FCV and subsequent realistic artist’s rendition to the semi-abstract sketch that Honda has unveiled. Perhaps, however, the proof of a pudding is in the eating, as they say, when the actual fuel cell autos by both manufacturers are unveiled later this month.


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