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Connecticut Cold Bed of Hydrogen Fueled Cars

If California is the hotbed of hydrogen auto technology on the West Coast so does that make Connecticut the cold bed in the east? Well right now it does.

With record low temperatures and snow on the East Coast, Proton OnSite based in Wallingford, CT is digging out from the snow and yet still digging its 10 Toyota FCHV-Adv fuel cell vehicles. While owners of fossil fuel vehicles are having a hard time turning over their autos’ engines, the Toyotas are starting up just fine.

After having lived through the cold winters of Illinois for 30 years, I know what it’s like to turn your auto on for 10 minutes to warm it up, worry about the engine turning over and the battery dying or the motor stalling in cold weather.

At the Proton OnSite facility they have none of these worries or realities with their fuel cell vehicles. Starting is a breeze and so is refueling. No warm ups necessary.

See the California Fuel Cell Partnership website for more details on this story along with photos and videos.


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