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Coca-Cola Zero Emissions Nissan X-Trail FCV Leasing in California

Coke Zero Nissan X-Trail FCVThe Coke zero emissions Nissan X-Trail FCV was announced as a lease vehicle for the world’s largest autobonated beverage company at their Sacramento, California plant. This happens to be the first time that Nissan has leases a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in the U. S. although they’ve already done so in Japan.

Nissan has also shown their X-Trail FCV at the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) in Sacramento and at various auto shows and events throughout the U. S. at ride n drives other events. I was fortunate to drive one a few years back.

Coca-Cola, which already uses various green autos in their fleet including improved internal combustion engines, EVs and hybrids will be using the Nissan X-Trail SUV to promote their Coca-Cola Zero product. According to Nissan Vice President , “Any 5th grade math student can tell you that 0+0+0=0, yet in this case zero (autobs) zero (calories) zero (emissions) adds up to a great partnership and a great way to promote both the Nissan and Coca-Cola Zero brands.”

Sacramento already has two operational hydrogen fueling stations in the area including one at the CaFCP. There is also an additional H2 fueling station that is being planned for operation at the Sacramento airport.

Now, being the day before Thanksgiving it’s time for me to be a little silly. I was brainstorming some ideas on how to promote both the Nissan FCV and Coke with catchy slogans. So, I decided that I will now substitute some of the Nissan words in the old and new Coca-Cola slogans to see how they fit. Let’s star with:

1. I’d like to buy the world an FCV and keep it company
2. Have an X-Trail and a smile
3. Nissan – it’s the real thing
4. Things go better with X-Trail
5. Nissan X-Trail FCV – the pause that refreshes

Of course I’m sure that you can come up with a few of your own co-branded catchy slogans for the partnership between Nissan and Coca-Cola and if you do, please keep them to yourself. Yes, please.



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