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2009 Rocky Mountain Hydrogen Drive by Tai Robison

Last Friday, I heard from Tai Robinson of Intergalactic American Fuel Vehicles about a promotional tour he was doing around the country in his converted 2008 Chevy Suburban that he is calling the 2008 Intergalactic Space Cruiser. Now, upon George Washington’s birthday I wish to talk about an update I received from Tai over the weekend.

While not the founder of our country, Tai Robinson is a founder of a different nature as he and his father Fred head up an alternative fuel vehicle conversion company and are right now on tour on their very own 2009 Rocky Mountain Hydrogen Drive. Along with the founder of the New Energy Congress, Sterling Allan, the team has braved the Wyoming winter and are heading to Atlanta, Georgia tomorrow.

The three men will appear live on the FamilyNet TV network on the television show EveryDay with Marcus and Lisa on Tuesday, February 17, 2009. On this North American road tour, the Intergalactic group is filling up with CNG, E85 and hydrogen to promote clean autos and fuels.

Today is also the day that our newest President, Barack Obama is signing the U. S. Stimulus Package containing $50 billion for energy related matters including conservation and money for alternative fuel vehicles. Between promotion in the private sector and financial support in the public sector, green vehicles, such as hydrogen autos, are likely to pick up a whole new head of steam going forward.

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