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Hydrogen Cars for Sale

Hydrogen Cars for Sale

It’s not often you hear the phrases “Hydrogen Cars for Sale” or “Hydrogen Trucks for Sale.” This is because there are no commercial production hydrogen autos for sale or hydrogen trucks for sale at the moment and it may be up to several years until there are. There are a few hydrogen auto leases however.

But as fortune would have it there is an experimental prototype hydrogen auto for sale and a hydrogen truck for sale right now.

Both of the vehicles were used as “proof of concept” automobiles and have since fulfilled their purpose and simply fill someone’s garage.

The first hydrogen auto for sale recently was up for auction on eBay but didn’t sell for $9,000. This hydrogen auto is a 1972 AMC Gremlin with a Ford engine.

According to the advertisement that ran, “This is one of the first modern day Hydrogen-powered automobile experiments, developed by a team at UCLA. The auto was a collaborative effort with donated components from General Motors, Ford Motor Company, George Barris ( ), Hooker, Edelbrock, Union Carbide and Impco, (a company that specializes in alternative fuel products).

“Yes, its one of a kind!! It won the overall Urban Vehicle Design Competition in 1972; a one-time event that brought together 64 North American universities in a contest to see who could build the most innovative vehicle.

“American Motors donated the Gremlin to the project. Ford provided a powerful Boss 351 engine, the same kind used in limited-edition Mustangs at the time. The Gremlin has been featured in several museums, including Harrah’s Automobile Museum in Reno. Please to hear more about this piece of automobile history. Full log books and documentation are also included. Serious buyers only PLEASE!”

According to the UCLA college website, this hydrogen auto for sale was part of the 1972 UCLA Hydrogen Car Project. The Gremlin was a product of the students and faculty who worked on the project including Frank Lynch, Joe Finegold, Ned Baker and Albert Bush.

There is some controversy surrounding this hydrogen auto for sale, however. The claim by the UCLA website and the auto’s autoetaker is that it won the 1972 Urban Vehicle Design Competition. This same claim was also made by Roger Billings in 1972 with a Superbeetle in the same competition which is outlined in the history of hydrogen autos section.

The hydrogen powered Gremlin is presently warehoused in Florida by the auto collector. Call Damon at 1-813-789-6125 for details on buying this one-of-a-kind hydrogen auto for sale.

Now, hydrogen trucks for sale are a different matter. As with autos, there are several dealers that will, for a fee, convert a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle to run on hydrogen.

But, the next hydrogen truck for sale that I want to talk about is not one of these. The hydrogen truck for sale that I want to talk about and already have in fact is a 2006 Ford Ranger XL Extra Cab. The vehicle has 24,000 miles on it and the asking price is $15,000.

The hydrogen truck for sale is owned by a Mr. Dan Greenberg in Seattle, Washington who worked in this hydrogen on demand vehicle a couple of years back when he was working for a certain company.

The company has since folded and now Mr. Greenberg has no use for the vehicle since hydrogen fueling stations are sautoce in his part of the country. This hydrogen truck for sale comes fully loaded and can run on hydrogen, CNG or a combination of CNG and hydrogen called hythane.

For more details and specifications of this hydrogen truck for sale, see hydrogen truck for sale specs and you may just be the next owner of your own leading edge hydrogen powered vehicle.

TigerGen I

TigerGen I built by the students at the University of Missouri Mizzou Hydrogen Car Team sold this hydrogen fuel cell vehicle at auction in September 2011. The unnamed bidder paid a total of $3,650 for this hydrogen auto. For more details see the blog post about this hydrogen auto for sale including the specs of the vehicle.

Note: as of the summer of 2014, the Hyundai Tucson FCEV was being put up for sale in South Korea and was being offered for lease in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas of southern California.

Additional Note: as of the Fall of 2015, the Toyota Mirai is being offered for sale in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas of southern California.

Written by Hydro Kevin Kantola


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