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Hydrogen Luxury Sea Yacht Hoax or Not?

Hydrogen Yacht
Hydrogen Yacht

Okay, usually I don’t comment on stories in the news that seem too good to be true. A couple of years ago a story broke about a Japanese water auto that all of the major media outlets picked up and ran with even through there was no proof that this vehicle worked as claimed. To this date, the Japanese water auto is still a myth as no proof has yet been offered.

A couple of days ago a story broke about a French company that claims to have created a 22-foot yacht (more like a speed boat) , the MIG 675, that runs on seawater. The claim is that this ship sucks in the seawater, uses a 500cv hydrogen generator, then feeds the gas into its 500 hp internal combustion engine propelling the vehicle to a top speed of 70 mph in the water.

The Luxury MIG 675 weighs in at 2,866 pounds and has a retail price of US$329,727. Now, before you spend your money on this luxury vehicle, I caution you that on their there are no technical details on how this yacht works. Requests by the media have gone unanswered which should send up a red flag.

The only reason I bring up this probable hoax or scam or whatever you want to call it is because some of the major tech and green tech websites are now autorying stories about this hydrogen yacht. I don’t want to name names and embarrass these publications since I enjoy reading most of them. And a few are even as skeptical as I am that the yacht company’s claim is true as stated.

Now, if you’ve read this blog for a while you’ll soon know that I’ve written about hydrogen-powered boats, ships, yachts, submarines and other watercraft for a while and the technology seems to be above board, so to speak.

But the Luxury MIG 675 is on my suspect list. Without more technical details to back up the company’s claim I will suspect that the seawater-powered yacht technology is to be viewed with a great deal of skepticism and distrust.

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  1. How will we know if this is a hoax I am praying it is not. This truly terrific especially the cost of gas at the docks. Wonderful thought.

    How can all of us help scream

  2. admin

    The more that journalists dig into this the more we will know. Or the more that the company reveals, the more we will know. If someone actually buys one of these boats then they may want to show off this new technology whatever it may be.

  3. I wonder how often the nuclear reactor has to be changed? Or maybe it’s a flux capacitor that makes it all work.

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