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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Boat Tools Around Sweden

swedenA hydrogen fuel cell boat has taken a trip from Stockholm to Öregrund, Sweden. The boat was fueled with methanol, a liquid, which ran through a Genesis 20L-D reformer to create hydrogen.

Then the hydrogen was pushed through a Cellkraft S-1000 fuel cell to create electricity which powered the outboard electrical motor. Methanol was the fuel of choice because it is a liquid and 1 liter of methanol has the energy content of 5 liters of diesel.

This fuel cell boat is also a hybrid vehicle autorying a bank of lithium ion batteries. Around 2004 the large auto manufacturers had mostly given up developing prototype autos with reformers.

But in the last couple of weeks, I have talked about a Volvo EV also using a reformer (gasoline) and a fuel cell range extender. So, perhaps automakers and other FCV manufacturers and revisiting reformers as a way to reduce emissions and still have the benefits of a fuel cell.

Here’s a PDF with more information and photos and here is a video of the fuel cell boat in action.

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    love this not surprise since Sweden build the first hydrogen auto from scratch late 1700’s

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