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Gitane Alter Bike by Cycleurope to Roll Out Soon

The Gitane Alter Bike by Cycleurope is said to be the first of its kind in the world. The hydrogen fuel cell e-bike uses a combination of fuel cell and lithium-ion batteries for power. The fuel cell hybrid bike’s advantages over regular electric bikes is short recharging times, longer range and no plugin infrastructure will have to be built to support the bikes.

According to the , “Highly environmental friendly and highly economical are the main features of this new means of powered transport. The Alter bike is making use of several technological solutions including a new breed of hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen chemical storage in recyclable canisters, as well as hybrid electronic architecture balancing power needs between the Li-ion battery and the hydrogen fuel cell.”

According to Jérôme Valentin, CEO of Cycleurope Industries France said at the presentation of the Alter Bike: “The partnership with Pragma Industries and Ventec complements our technological expertise and know-how in the bike industry. This innovative platform opens immense opportunities in the fast growing area of electric bikes, which is one of the key strategic segments we have chosen to invest in.”

Public rental bike companies will be the first customers for the Gitane Alter Bike. And then in 2016, Cycleurope plans on offering their FC bike for sale to the general public.

The company says this is the first hydrogen fuel cell bicycle in the world and I’ll let you judge for yourself by comparing it to other hydrogen bike articles I have posted.


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    Probably Masterflex is the first FC bicycle to use this tecnology. Start his production on 2004. Sold 10 bicycles to world cup of 2006

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