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Riversimple Hyrban FCV Plans Being Published Online

Yesterday I pondered a pairing between the Horizon HydroFill home hydrogen refueling products and the Riversimple fuel cell vehicle. In June 2009 I had talked about how the Riversimple, which by the way autories a Horizon 6 kw fuel cell, is an open source vehicle that many are able to develop simultaneously, which will speed this product to market.

Now, it has been announced that the Riversimple Hyrban FCV plans are being published, “All of the designs for Riversimple’s Hyrban will be published on the web, starting with the auto’s rear suspension layout. The idea is to speed up development by gathering criticism and comment from users, which will also help to cut the costs of the technology.”

has licensed the open source technology to and the rear suspension plans can be found at the link provided. There are wikis, forums, galleries, news and blogs a description of the projects.

One exciting aspect about the Riversimple Hyrban is that this is a community project and not just an internal proprietary creation by one of the big automakers. Community input is vital to the success or failure of the Hyrban.

In addition, the building of the Hyrban will be extremely flexible in that it will most likely be built in small numbers between 5,000 and 10,000 and can be built in many different countries taking regional differences in tastes functionality into account.

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    I am a student very intrested in Solar and Hydrogen; I have been doing alot of research in the two areas I have listed I can’t seem to stop my quest for knowledge; anything you might be able to send me or other places I could research to help me with my knowledge quest would be most appreciated! Thank You Don Couey

  2. admin

    Just do a few searches for “solar hydrogen” without the quotes on this blog and the main website and you’ll find a load of information.

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    For Hydrogen autos to take a giant leap forward into everyday existence will take a paradigm shift in thinking. The answer to my mind is home or co-op style fueling stations. I have natural gas piped to my house. Honda have a Ng converter to hydrogen. I could have a Clarity in my garage tomorrow if Honda wanted it so.

    If Honda or Riversimple or any fuel cell driven vehicle auto manufacturing company brought out an affordable home based refueling station which could be leased or purchased with the auto, the EC auto or hybrid would be stopped dead in its tracks. – And ownership hydrogen powered autos would take off like a rocketship!

    One has to wonder if fear regarding control of a hydrogen economy is what has its advancement running at a crawl. Home based or co-op fueling systems will change the landscape forever. (Co-op as in communities owning and funding their own stations!). Municipalities with their own fleet of hydrogen fuel cell autos could have their own refueling stations, the US post Office, companies etc …..

    Riversimple has a great concept, now to add ‘Hydrogen Production’ to the community platter, that is the end game.

    Open source, co-op, community based/created/funded/owned refueling stations are the way to go, and to my mind, the future of refueling. Get this right and hydrogen powered autos will be in our garages sooner than you’d expect!

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    Thank you very much for your help, has been a great abatement from the books,

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